Speech enabling your Electronic Health Records

Our front-end medical speech recognition technology provides the convenience, flexibility and efficiency you need to document patient encounters completely and quickly. Our superior speech-enabled documentation technology eliminates the cost and delay of transcription. On the other hand, it improves the quality of clinical documentation and user experience side-by-side.

Our highly accurate front-end and back-end medical speech recognition solutions work with any Electronic Health Record system, from anywhere in the world with faster and better clinical documentation.

Our speech-driven solutions support a wide range of clinical documentation workflows to help physicians and consultants correctly capture the full and accurate patient narrative, improve care quality, compliance, and revenue integrity.

Fluency Direct™

Our top-ranked cloud-based speech recognition system enables consultants and physicians of any medical specialty to create, edit and sign reports directly in their own Electronic Health Record templates. Fluency Direct combines our speech and natural language understanding technologies to contextually understand the physician narrative for unparalleled out-of-the-gate accuracy and performance.

Integrated With Over 150 EHRs Cloud-based Fluency Direct seamlessly works with over 150 EHRs, including all major platforms, to meet the goals of faster EHR adoption, higher-quality documentation and lower transcription costs.

Personalized Physician Experience A single, cloud-hosted voice profile allows clinicians to dictate into their EHR from anywhere, any device, and any care setting.

Easy Deployment Built to scale, Fluency Direct voice recognition dictation software offers flexible deployment models to run cost effectively in a number of different EHR, PC, virtual, thin client, and server architectures. 

Higher Performance Our superior speech recognition accuracy is based on the collective voice profiles of over 200,000 clinicians and requires minimal training.

Real-Time Insights with Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) Uniquely, Fluency Direct provides front-end speech recognition to deliver automated, real-time, and interactive intelligence to clinicians as they document in the EHR for continuous improvement in how doctors care for their patients.

Unmatched Accuracy At the core of Fluency Direct’s game-changing, out-of-the-gate accuracy is the power of Speech Understanding™. This proprietary technology combines best-in-breed speech recognition solutions with powerful Natural Language Understanding, allows physicians to speak in conversational tones, and improves accuracy over time.

Seamless Interaction with Mobile Applications Fluency Direct works with third-party mobile applications to extend the physician experience beyond the EHR to include the growing number of productivity-enhancing apps clinicians regularly use.

Fluency Flex™

This speech-enabled physician document creation module uses the same cloud-based technology so that you can document even in the absence of a physician documentation functionality in your EHR. It provides flexibility to select the most convenient workflow.

Transcription Support As a document-creation module within Fluency for Transcription, this solution gives physicians the flexibility to create documents using front-end speech recognition, self-edit or send them to a transcriptionist for review.

Documentation Edit/Review Physicians can self-edit using speech and standard text, for section headings and routine verbiage, or review and edit the document once it comes back from transcription and electronically sign, which can then be uploaded to the appropriate EHR or clinical information system.

Cost Reduction Fluency Flex allows physicians to complete documentation by themselves. It reduces transcription cost without compromising physician productivity.

Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) This solution also provides the platform to deliver real-time feedback to clinicians in support of ICD-10 education, CDI, quality initiatives, etc. – as they dictate, type or use templates.

Flexibility With Fluency Flex, physicians can document, review and sign however they want and wherever they want across multiple platforms.

Physician Productivity Our time-saving tools like voice driven standards, voice commands and speech recognition are designed to boost physician productivity. Fluency Flex greatly simplifies the process of referring and reusing content from previous documentation.

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