Quality – Our Main Focus!

Quality has always been our focus at Xeetec Solutions. We hire highly skilled professional transcriptionists from well-reputed institutions. We test our each and every transcriptionist rigorously and check their background so that we systematically deliver the best quality work to our valuable clients. 

Skilled Staff Brings High Quality Work!

  • Staff has command on both UK and USA English languages.
  • All transcriptionists are trained to the required level of quality.
  • The typical transcriptionist has 10 years’ experience.
  • We employ 1 QC/Editor over two transcriptionists to maintain quality at both levels.
  • Regular CMEs empower every transcriptionist with more accuracy at the end!
  • All of the transcribed files go through a strict quality-review process prior to delivery.
  • Clients are informed to any discrepancies found in any transcripts.

2-Level Quality Control Process

One major quality that sets Xeetec Solutions apart from the competitors in the market is that all of the transcribed files go through a three level quality check prior to return to the client. We do not produce documents in a draft form. Instead, after transcription, our QC (Level 1) analyst review each file for spelling, grammar, format, content and other quality areas. If the QC ascertains that the report clears all the necessary quality criteria, the document is sent to the client. However, if the document is not suitable for delivery yet, it will be escalated to a Quality Assurance Person (Level 2) analyst for further review using the original audio file.

Transcriptionist Screening & Selection

We hire teams of cautiously selected transcriptionists and editors who create your documents with a passion for quality. We staff mostly people with medical background. However, if we get any one out of medical area, we train them to the required level of our quality guidelines. The average transcriptionist has 10 years’ experience.

We’re a HIPAA-Compliant Medical Transcription Company 

Whether your medical practice or facility is located in in Pakistan, or anywhere else in the world, you will have complete satisfaction & peace of mind that all your confidential patient-related files and information you dictate is safe and secure with us. We’re devoted to maintain the highest level of privacy and security in accordance with HIPAA/HITECH. 

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