#1 Medical & Medico-Legal Transcription Solutions Provider in Pakistan

With rapidly changing clinical documentation needs and security and new care models, healthcare organizations around the country are struggling to perform more with least resources. We ensure high quality of clinical documentation with reduced medical transcription costs. That’s why are #1 transcription solutions provider in Pakistan.

Our game-changing secure cloud-based technology ensures accurate medical transcription with least resources.

Our highly trained medical transcription professionals and physician tools improve the productivity and quality of your clinical documents throughout your organization. With our transcription platform backed by our award-winning speech understanding and natural language understanding technologies from M*Modal, you can:

Integrate our Speech Understanding™** technology, quality improvement features and documentation analyses with Physicians/Consultants and medical transcriptionists (MTs) or typists editing tools for faster creation of higher quality clinical documents.

Significantly improve Physician/Consultant adoption of front-end speech recognition as voice profiles are pre-trained by MT edits with back-end speech recognition and transcription workflow.

* * Speech Understanding™ is an official Trade Mark of M*Modal

Directly manage and monitor transcription workloads, so you can optimize clinical documentation workflow efficiencies.

Completely Eliminate the need for detailed onsite Information Technology support and maintenance.

Effectively share patient informationsupport HIPAA compliance and achieve downstream revenue cycle improvements to ensure appropriate reimbursement.

Medical Transcription Services

As we are the largest medical transcription services provider in Pakistan, we provide secure and experienced workforce for your clinical documentation needs. Our transcription services can address the needs of clients from small clinics, physician groups to hospitals and large multi-facility healthcare enterprises. Our built-in and user-friendly quality assurance tools ensure your transcribed documents are returned quickly and securely while maintaining high quality. We also provide performance monitoring as a built-in, value-added service.

Turnaround Time

It is critical to the quality of healthcare delivery and reimbursements that accurate and timely medical transcription services are provided. Thanks to our dedicated workflow monitoring team who keeps and eye on prioritization of work types, and technology-enabled back-end speech recognition workflows help us send your files back within your specified turnaround time.

Quality Assurance

We use international standards in combination with award-winning cloud-based technology-enabled tools such as Quality Rule Checks (dangerous abbreviations, gender mismatch, etc.), ensuring the highest standards of clinical documentation.

Our People

We employ highly skilled professionals to process all the medical transcription files. You can rely on our proven methodology and experience in transitioning in-house transcription services to outsourcing model.

HIPAA Compliance

Whether your medical practice or facility is located in Pakistan or anywhere else in the world, you will have complete satisfaction & peace of mind that all your confidential information you dictate is safe and secure with us.

Physician Tools

Perfect documentation starts with the physician. We offer physician-friendly transcription-enabled dictation tools that fit a wide range of workflows: telephony-, browser- and desktop-based applications, and even mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Supported by our unique Speech Understanding platform and a single profile architecture, these tools are built for maximum flexibility in dictating, review and editing.


With our physician-friendly iOS and Android-based mobile apps, we make it simple to dictate, edit, review and sign patient documents on the go wherever you are in the world. With our daily schedule features these apps help physicians perform their documentation tasks easily even in their busy days.

Telephony-Based Voice Capture

Traditional telephony-based dictation via our 800# service or local dictation system with optional PC-based dictate-only options allow facilities to choose the right configuration for their departmental and enterprise needs.

Front-End Speech Recognition

Our physician-friendly document creation solution is for small to large healthcare facilities that do not have the option of a physician documentation within their EHR. Our Fluency Flex program combines the ability to use front-end speech recognition with time-saving features like text standards, voice commands, patient lists and schedules, access to prior documents, and real-time Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) offering an end-to-end solution for creating and managing high quality clinical documentation.

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

Transcription Technology

Our medical transcription services are specially designed to support HIM workflows originating from any device, in any state of completeness, from both internal and external sources. This is an excellent fit for acute care facilities and ambulatory groups. We help organizations adapt to EHRs and leverage the value of the physicians’ narrative.

Quality-Focused Productivity

Quality Rule Checks ensure common errors are caught before the transcriptionist completes the document.

Quality Management

Quality assurance tools that ensure a complete QA feedback to the transcriptionists for continuous quality improvement.

Research Tools

Transcriptionists can perform quick word lookups with the ability to display the definition right from within the editor screen.

Back-End Speech Recognition System

Significantly improve your transcription group’s capacity to keep up with the backlog or take on new work.

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