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Get high quality documentation through our technology-enabled transcription services

High Quality Transcription for
Medical & Non-Medical Professionals

We are expert in providing Medical, Medico-Legal and Academic transcription services in Pakistan and around the globe.

Driving quality documentation through technology

Quality-focused approach with latest international technology

Save time using our latest technology and services that ensure complete and accurate academic transcription with minimum resources.

Using our transcription platform, you can save plenty of time and improve the productivity and quality of your notes, lectures, dissertations and other documentations.

Our transcription platform is highly user-friendly equipped with latest productivity tools and is backed by speech recognition with speech understanding and natural language understanding technologies.

Why use Xeetec Solutions for Transcriptions ?

Fast, accurate and highly secure transcription services for your facility and personal use

Highly Secure Platform

Our smart workflow system converts your audio into small, encrypted sections for highest confidentiality and privacy. Backed by M*Modal, our service stores your educational data in the most secure way.

High Quality Service

Our process comprise of multi-level review to provide you with the highest quality level in all academic transcriptions. We guarantee 98%+ accuracy and provide free review if the document does not meet your requirements.

Covering all Medical Areas

We are expert in providing transcription services for all areas and specialties for medical and educational needs.  Whether you are a student or an expert medical professional or consultant, we have all the expertise available to meet your ongoing needs for your documentation.

Fast Turnaround Time

Our highly intelligent platform has speech recognition system and a highly trained transcriptionists for quickest delivery time for all your educational documentations.  Our turnaround time is based on your choice of which package you choose i.e. Basic or Advance.

Hybrid Transcription Service

We deliver quality speech recognition technology combined with our trained human transcriptionists or typists to make sure you get the most accurate transcripts of your academic audios.

Dictate on the move or in office

Our technology-driven approach allows our clients to dictate their notes and consultation reports using our award-winning mobile based application or using our state-of-the-art browser based software.


Pay only for your dictated words with our straightforward and transparent pricing!

We take it Serious about Saving you Money!
Our clients choose to work with us because they know we will not cheat them. Plus our unique pricing model helps reduce overall documentation and technology costs. As Xeetec Solutions’ client, you have benefit from the following:

  • No Implementation Fees
  • No Support Fees
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Interface Fees
  • No Maintenance Fees
  • No Upfront Fees

Medical Transcription

24-Hour Service

Get your documents within 24 hours
$0.65 per minute
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per minute

Academic Transcription

First Draft Service

Non-Edited - within 24 hours or less
$0.55 per minute
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per minute